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Service Guarantee

Our technical service system runs through the life cycle of the equipment , closely tracking the use of equipment, adhering to the concept of one-time cooperation and lifelong service, enhancing the technical quality of service, truly realizing omni-directional one-stop multi-service system, providing 24-hour full-year service.

Technical support services have changed the passive service of “customer demand is our guide to action”, replaced by prospective service system, and the coverage is global. JOY has the strong support of a group of senior scientific and technological personnel and technical experts. According to the existing equipment conditions of customers, JOY provides technical support, upgrading scheme, on-site commissioning and maintenance, equipment verification and other comprehensive and fast technical services for customers by using various resources.

We strictly follow the German TUV ISO 9001 quality standard to establish a perfect quality assurance system, implement scientific and advanced project management, check at all levels for the start-up, design, manufacture and acceptance stages of the project, and provide real-time project feedback to customers. To ensure that each equipment is delivered and used strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of customers.

Establishing a service center to provide systematic service solutions for customers. Services include on-site equipment installation and acceptance/operation training/equipment maintenance/long-term spare parts supply/host technology exchange/old equipment transformation and upgrading.