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Online and on-site training
Our training includes many courses, such as functional structure principle, process program, commissioning and maintenance, etc. And provides a variety of training methods, such as network, on-site and off-duty, and can made training programs according to the needs, skills and specific requirements of on-site staff. Customers can flexibly choose diversified training methods according to their own circumstances.


Personalized technical training
How to improve the efficiency of production line?                                                                                        How to reduce the consumption of production resources?                                                                           Customized training——Through JOY’s training engineers and factory managers to determine accurate and personalized training content, to ensure the rapid upgrading of on-site operation team personnel technology.
Assessment and Solutions
Good operation of production line needs to achieve by staff. The technical ability of on-site personnel plays a decisive role in the stability of equipment operation and production efficiency. Aiming at helping customers to improve their technical ability, regularly arrange experienced service engineers to stay at customer sites, evaluate the technical ability of personnel, and formulate solutions (training) based on the evaluation. Through training, staff can improve the efficiency of production line to a new level. To achieve rapid detection and troubleshooting of on-site personnel, minimize downtime and greatly improve work efficiency.